May 30, 2011

On my day off

It’s raining day here. I woke up late this morning and really didn’t want to do anything for my pizza shop. I have work through 2 months without a day off. You know, it’s hardly to find free time when you own a business, especially at the beginning. That’s why I spend very little time on my jewelry. Well, just today, let’s enjoy a bit free time with my lovely wire and beads. Then I called to cancel the appointment with a newspaper ad manager.

Where to start, unpacked my tools. Cut two pieces of 20 gauge sterling silver wire. Light my touch, heat wires at one end until the buds formed. Then pickle for a while. Wash them and brush a bit.

Forge these sterling silver wires into a close circle. I hammered them for strength. Here, my lovely simple dub hoop earrings are finished. They are pretty and cool, are they?

By the end of day, it makes me feel so good when I put these lovely buds on my ears. And, enjoy a lot in making them. Love so much a day like this.

What you plan to do on our next day off? Go shopping?? Movie?? A lovely trip??  Whatever, I wish you have a good day and just enjoy it.

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