June 19, 2011

Sunday Recycling Project

We can save our earth only if we care.

I have used Recycled sterling silver for years, which I found in Australia local supplier, A&E metal. Also, I saved the off-cut of sterling silver wires, thought they could be used into some projects later. 

One day, some ideas cross my mind, something like leaf or petal. Quickly, draw these ideas down. So I am going to make these following petal earrings today. 

I chose 12 pieces sterling silver wire off-cut in similar length. Some of them are a bit old, but they are good enough to become a part of petal outlines.  
And then, I curved the wires by hand and hammered to firm
Now, time to solder them together. First, I close each petal in both end by solder. Then pickle them ready for solder second time. 

I use pins to hold these petal in position in order to have these pair joint in same way. Actually, it's not easy at all. I have to solider three times on the second piece to match the first one. Honestly, they are still not the same, but I take it this way, like the real world, every petal is unique, every handmade piece is unique. 
These following petal earrings are unique, pretty. Just remember, these unique pretty petal earrings were born from the trash. We will make our planet beautiful and more beautiful if we care.

Following Petal Earrings with Matt Finished

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