August 12, 2012


There is one thing I always want to learn and manage – bezel setting. This is the day I finally ready for it. Gathered all the tools and material I need last month and read all tips again before start, now let’s rock it…
This dew ring design was inspired by one of gr3een Photography’s fine art print – Rainfall.
[Dew Ring made from green aventurine, fine silver and sterling silver, oxidized, size 6.5 ]
The processing was started with a green Aventurine raindrop cabochon…
After repeating solder, pickle, file, sanding and polish several times, finally ready to set the stone. I was surprised how much pressure I have to put on the setting. I can still hear the stone moving inside the bezel when I finished the setting on the late night. Then I spent another hour in the next morning, to push the bezel again and again for achieving the nice tight setting.
Normally, the round and oval shape setting was suggested for beginners to start with. This dew ring was a big challenge for me and it took me about a day to finish, but I am happy about how I manage the whole processing and this beautiful dew ring I made. Also, I learned one thing in this raindrop setting.  I should shape the bezel much lower on the point next time so the bezel will show the stone better.
Thank you for reading!  XO

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